Stronger the Start, Better the Future

Thursday, January 21, 2021 at 1:20 PM

First week is a crucial period for the early development of young chicks 

During this period, farm management and appropriate nutrition are of great importance. In the first week of a chicks life the vital organs, skeletal system, muscular and reproductive maturity develop. Moreover, getting chicks off to a best possible start is essential for a healthy optimal results later on in the production phase. By stimulation the development of your chicks will results in an optimal performance later in life.

Champrix Prestarter feed has all the essential nutrients that a young chick needs. Well balanced prestarter feed with easily digestible ingredients supports the immune system, health, cell development, bones, legs and organ development. The ideal size of the 2 mm pellet is to stimulate the feed intake from the first hours onwards. Furthermore, the pellet also easily crumble in the crop and is a basis of a healthy start in the first week.

Benefits of the Champrix Prestarter Feed:

  • Stimulates the feed intake from the first hours onwards
  • Prepares for future growth
  • Improve in the support of the immune system
  • Decreases mortality

Strong foundation begins in the first week of a chick’s life. Contact us for more information about Champrix Prestarter Feed


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