Champrix Prestarter Complete Feed

Prestarter Complete Feed


A strong start is essential for the lifetime production of the animal

To ensure the best possible start, Champrix created a Prestarter Feed range. High quality Champrix Prestarter Feed with all the essential nutrients for the best growth and development. 

Champrix Prestarter Feed benefits:

  • Fits the nutritional requirements;
  • Stimulates the feed intake from the first hours onwards;
  • Prepares for future growth;
  • Improves in the support of the immune system;
  • Decreases mortality.

We are able to tailor solutions that fit your requests. Our expert nutritionists are eager to help you. Champrix has a prestarter feed for chicks and/or piglets.

We are GMP+ certified and our products are regularly tested by renowned and independent laboratories.

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Champrix concentrates made from the highest quality raw materials available. Easy to mix in the feed and increase the quality of the complete feed. 

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Premix is a mixture of vitamins, minerals, feed additives / feed supplements to increase quality of the complete feed to achieve a better growth and production. 

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Champ-Acid product range support the animal and prevent pathogenic growth. 

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