Other Champrix Specialites

Other Champrix Specialities


Other Champrix Specialities to improve or support your business

Feed costs can be up to 70% of the total livestock production expenses, therefore feed spoilage and health problems of the livestock could lead to serious economic losses for the farmer. Champrix assists the farmer and recommends suitable solutions for these kind of problems with the correct feed additives as a preventive aid.

  • Vitaprix: Watersoluble vitamins.
  • Champ-Green: Mix of essential oils. Antibiotics in animal feed is increasingly becoming controversial. Champrix therefore offers an antibiotic free program with Champ-Green. Champ-Green is a mix of bioactive fat components and essential oils. The ingredients are registered inside the EU as feed ingredients and/or feed additives. Champ-Green ingredients have proven their strong antibacterial properties in independent research trials.
  • Heat-Champ: The best nutritional solution for heat-stressed birds to regain feed intake. Poultry in hot climates is often constraint by high temperatures, especially in combination with high humidity. Birds respond to heat stress by panting which dissipates heat by evaporative cooling. This leads to blood alkalosis (= higher plasma pH) and results in a lower feed intake. The result is reduced performance. Heat-Champ will prevent blood alkalosis and compensates for the elevated blood pH through a combination of different buffers, specific vitamins and electrolytes. As such, Heat-Champ will result in improved feed intake and better technical performance.

We are GMP+ certified and our products are regularly tested by renowned and independent laboratories.

Other Champrix Products


Champ-Acid product range support the animal and prevent pathogenic growth. 

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Toxin Binders

Champ-Tox product range to reduce effects of the mycotoxines. 

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Premix is a mixture of vitamins, minerals, feed additives / feed supplements to increase quality of the complete feed to achieve a better growth and production. 

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