Champrix Acidifiers



For healthy and strong animals

Support the animal and prevent pathogenic growth

Pathogens form a threat in various ways to animals; from possible toxic products to competition with the animal over nutrients present in the feed. Pathogens and their proliferation prefer stressful situations. Examples of stressful situations are; feed change (e.g. from a starter to a grower diet), high stocking density, unfavorable environments and climates.

In these situations, the pathogens are able to grow and increase in number with little or no resistance from the animal. The animal needs additional support to its diet in this situation. The animal acquires all nutritional support by adding a Champ-Acid product to the feed.

Champ-Acid is the most promising nutritional approach to reduce the effects of bacterial imbalance. Champ-Acid acidifiers improves feed efficiency and control pathogenic pressure for healthier gut flora, efficient nutrient utilisation by the animal, and absence of digestion disorders.

We are GMP+ certified and our products are regularly tested by renowned and independent laboratories.

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Champrix concentrates made from the highest quality raw materials available. Easy to mix in the feed and increase the quality of the complete feed

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Premix is a mixture of vitamins, minerals, feed additives / feed supplements to increase quality of the complete feed to achieve a better growth and production. 

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Toxin Binders

Champ-Tox product range to reduce effects of the mycotoxines. 

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Reach the genetic potential of your animals in the best possible way