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Optimal performance starts with the right feed solutions

Nutrition plays an important role in achieving the best possible results

We, at Champrix, would like to share our knowledge and experience with you. With our experience and knowledge we are a valuable partner in the poultry industry. Personal advice regarding all matters relating to animal nutrition and management as well as feed production is the essential foundation for profitable use of Champrix products. We are dedicated to giving advice and service you require with the aim of optimising your business.

Quality products

We only use quality ingredients. The ingredients are sourced from top-certified suppliers on the basis of regular audits and product quality checks.

Personal advice

Champrix offers personal advice and tailor-made feed solutions, aiming to optimise the production under the farmer's specific conditions. Our poultry nutritionists have extensive experience in formulating feed for different stages in poultry production. We can provide tailor made feed formulations and advice on all aspects of poultry nutrition with considering your specific requirements and conditions, such as availability of raw materials. We offer products that will help maximizing the profitability of your flock and improve your business efficiency as a result.

Our products include:

Our wide range of nutritional products for poultry includes concentrates, premixes, prestarter complete feed, acidifiers, toxin binders and other specialities to improve the poultry performance. 

Premix for poultry feed
Our nutrient premix are mixtures of functional ingredients and additives for poultry feed. We use the best products from certified suppliers only. Our wide range of functional ingredients can be used as-is or tailored to your specific needs. 

Feed additives for chicken feed
Champrix’ animal/chicken feed supplements are an excellent choice for a flock that needs additional nutrients. Our suite of additives includes amongst others vitamins, amino acids, preservatives and yeasts. Our additives are available both in liquid and powder. Champrix poultry feed will support better gut health to ensure quality poultry products. Our suite of feed additives include:

  • Champ-Green
    Antibiotics in animal feed is increasingly becoming controversial. Champrix therefore offers an antibiotic free program with Champ-Green. Champ-Green is a mix of bioactive fat components and essential oils. The ingredients are registered inside the EU as feed ingredients and/or feed additives. Champ-Green ingredients have proven their strong antibacterial properties in independent research trials.
  • Champ-Tox
    Natural animal feed often include dangerous Mycotoxins, produced by fungi. Champrix offers the Champ-Tox suite of toxin binders to counteract the negative effects of mycotoxins by inactivating them, while other components as vitamins and minerals remain unaffected..
  • Champ-Acid 
    This highly effective acidifier for poultry feed has an effect on bacteria, such as E.Coli. Champ-Acid S is a mixture of organic acids. Independent research has shown the strong effects of organic acids on pathogenic bacteria, such as E. Coli, Salmonella etc.
  • Champ-Heat
    Poultry in hot climates is often constraint by high temperatures, especially in combination with high humidity. Birds respond to heat stress by panting which dissipates heat by evaporative cooling. This leads to blood alkalosis (= higher plasma pH) and results in a lower feed intake. The result is reduced performance. Heat-Champ will prevent blood alkalosis and compensates for the elevated blood pH through a combination of different buffers, specific vitamins and electrolytes. As such, Heat-Champ will result in improved feed intake and better technical performance.

Protein concentrates for poultry
Our protein concentrates offer a healthy and tasty ingredient for chicken feed or organic chicken feed. Champrix’ highly digestible proteins include amongst others, potato protein and yeast which can be added to complete formula. In order to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible, we strive to use local ingredients. We are able to compose any protein mix you need to reach your optimal target nutritional levels. The protein concentrates are available in all inclusion rate from 2.5% up to 35%. 

We supply protein concentrate for broiler starter, grower and broiler finisher 2.5% up to 35%. 
For the very start and at the end of the broiler chickens life it is very much required to feed them with proper diet and nutrients to help them grow healthy and fast. Champrix broiler starter, grower and finisher concentrate are made of high quality raw materials, including amino acids, antioxidants, anti-moulds and other production/ efficiency improving feed additives.

Our nutritional and technical team will be pleased to advice you