Champrix | Your Partner in Feed Solutions

Your Partner in Feed Solutions

Champrix is a Netherlands-based company that delivers tailor-made concentrates, premixes, prestarter feed, milk replacers and feed additives. 
We offer besides feed solutions also services for our distributors, feed millers, integrators, and farmers to improve their results. 

We do more than supply feed and feed ingredients

We are result-oriented and we will make sure we provide you with high-quality and sustainable premixes, protein concentrates, prestarter feed, milk replacers and feed additives. The feed solutions can be customized in any way that fits your needs.  

We would like to give the best possible advice and service regarding all matters relating to animal nutrition, management, feed production as well as with documentation and shipment. We are dedicated to giving professional advice and share our knowledge with the aim of optimising the performance.


Our Products

Our feed products range from concentrates, premixes, prestarter feed, milk replacers, feed additives and other feed specialties. Our team of knowledgeable people is here to help you find feed solutions that fit your requirements and your business. 

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Our Services

As a partner, you have access to our quality products, services, innovations, expertise of animal nutrition, farm management, and shipping. We set the standard for services.

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We offer products that are optimised to meet the unique needs of each animal species. Our products maximise the profitability and production of various animals, including ruminants, pigs, poultry and other species, and improve your business efficiency. 

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About us

Champrix is a dedicated team of qualified animal feed and export experts. Based on our proven seniority in the animal feed industry and our experience in shipping products worldwide, we have become a trusted partner for our many partners.

Our service and support

The Champrix team is committed to help you achieve your goals in many ways. With our personal approach we ensure the attention and support you require. Find out how we can help you to improve your business with our products.

We do more than supply products

Nutritional and Technical Support

With our expertise, we look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

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Digital Innovation Tools

Our expertise in the field of animal nutrition and management is shared via digital tools. 

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Quality Assurance

We feel strongly about feed safety. 

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Order Fulfillment

We are experienced in shipping our products all over the world.

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