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Our team of experts is not only committed to finding the best solution available for your requirements, but we are also dedicated to providing excellent after sales service.

We do more than supply ingredients

As a partner, you have access to our services, innovations, expertise of animal nutrition, farm management, shipment, and our products. We offer technical and nutritional support. We also give people access to our digital innovations tools, such as 123FEED and 123POULTRY. We set the standard for the service, quality products and timely delivery that is vital to your business.

Champrix identifies the best products for your situation

Each farm situation is different. For that reason there is not a single best product that Champrix can offer. The best solution depends on your company’s situation! Champrix has a team of knowledgeable and experience people that help you find a feed-solution that fits your requirements and business. Before every offer, our nutritionists and technical advisors make a thorough investigation of your requirements.

Factors influencing the products recommended by the experts of Champrix:

  • Quality and availability of raw materials;
  • Available mixing installation;
  • Farm size and production goals;
  • Feeding system;
  • Health status of the farm;
  • Local preferences;
  • Specific circumstances.

We are fully committed to develop the best balance between optimal quality and competitive prices that fits your requirements. 

Champrix Services

Nutritional and Technical Support

Aside from nutrition we also give advice in animal husbandry. Not only nutrition has a big influence on the performance but also animal husbandry. Our technical advisors are ready to advise you on animal husbandry, such as management, biosecurity, health, housing, and environment. 

Digital Innovation Tools

Champrix shares its expertise in the field of animal nutrition and management via digital applications. Champrix focuses on tools that complement current product and service offerings. Current digital innovation tools, 123FEED and 123POULTRY, include customised mixing instructions and digital recording to assist in daily decision making, as well as a knowledge centre. 

Quality Assurance

All our products are GMP+ certified. However, that is not where it stops for us. We feel strongly about feed safety. Therefore, we place high priority in carrying safe, nutritious and affordable feeds and ingredients. The ingredients are sourced from top-certified suppliers on the basis of regular audits and product quality checks. All our products meet quality, food safety and customer requirements and are manufactured in clean and safe environments. 

Order Fulfillment

We are experienced in shipping our products all over the world. Having Rotterdam and Antwerp International ports within our proximity provides us with cost efficient global distribution possibilities. If desired, we can even compose a shipping of more than one product in one container.

Your partner in feed solutions: quality, innovations and expertise in the best product support and export partner.

We are always looking for reliable and strong partners to help further developing markets. Please contact us for more information about Champrix in your region, for a distributorship or any other request.

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