All You Need to Know about Cattle Premix

Thursday, February 4, 2021 at 2:35 PM

Farmers take care of their animals with utmost care. From looking after them to feeding them right a farmer has chores that require great dedication. Unless farmers do not feed their animals right they will not produce quality products. One such animal that requires great care is the cattle. Cattle’s main produce is milk and almost everyone in this whole world consumes it. Milk is an excellent source of calcium for children as well as adults. You must ensure that the cows get wat they need, so that they stay healthy, get pregnant and produce milk. If the cattle do not produce quality milk it is a big drawback for the farmer as the sale of the milk will reduce.

For this purpose, cattle must get all the nutrients in their food. Cows need minimum amounts of energy and proteins to function, grow and produce milk. Cows also require a minimum amount of fiber in each meal to function well and have a healthy digestive system. In addition to this, a good amount of vitamins and minerals are essential for growth and production, which can be given as a cattle premix. This article will give you an insight into everything about cattle premix.

What is cattle premix?
A cattle premix is a mix of nutritional ingredients that help the cattle produce quality milk products and beef. Premixes have minerals present with certain nutritional supplements that will help give high-quality produce by the cattle.

In order to get the best premix for your cattle select Champrix to provide you with the best supplements for your cattle.

Cattle premix by Champrix
Champrix provides farmers and cattle owners with the best nutritional advice for their cattle. They understand the need of having the high-quality produce of beef and milk. Hence they provide you with the best cattle premix and ingredients that will enhance the produce.  
Their products for cattle have a mixture of additives and functional ingredients. The company gives extra attention to the taste of the premix and they add molasses so that the premix tastes better. In addition to this, the presence of molasses helps the premix to maintain the moisture and acts as a binder if there is dust.

Additional premix nutrients
The milk replacers that are used to improve the performance of the animal are easily digestible. These have high biological values, due to a composition based on coconut and palm, to help build the health of the cattle and its performance. The cattle premix also includes coconut milk and soy that provides the cattle the energy they require and balances the fatty acids.
All of the above are some of the best ways to give the cattle all the nutrients and cattle premix by Champrix is the best. Choose them to give the best match for all the cattle premix requirements.

Classes of nutrients in a premix
Everything must be in balance and so does all the nutrient levels in food. Like humans, cattle also need their nutrition in equal amount. Cattle should be fed in balanced amount and with adequate ration. The following are some of the basic classes of nutrients that are needed in a premix.

In order to produce milk, a cattle needs to have the energy to do so. You must feed the cattle premix with fats and carbohydrates. Some of the ingredients that are rich in carbohydrates and fats are sorghum, maize, grasses, and oats.

Minerals can be supplied in the form of supplements to the cattle. Minerals in the form of limestone and sodium chloride salt are the ideal choice. To get maximum productivity small traces of minerals such as manganese, selenium, and copper is the best. Premixes are available with all the major and minor minerals but one has to make sure to give it in adequate amounts and by a trusted company.

This nutrient is the most important one needed in a premix. Protein, unlike energy, cannot be regulated hence it is necessary to feed the cattle adequate amount of protein. It is important because if the cattle does not get its protein the milk production decreases.

Rich crude protein such as plant oilseed meal that includes sunflower cake, soybean cake, and cottonseed cake must be fed to the cattle. In addition to these legume forages and animal origin meal such as fish are suitable choices for protein. Every protein that is given to cattle must be in adequate amount. Too much of protein causes harm to the cattle and the quality of its produce also decreases.

Next to the vitamins D and A, also every other vitamin is present in the premix. Vitamin supplements are expensive, but essential,  and hence farmers must give adequate amounts for an efficient production.

Last but not the least water is the last nutrient required. Like humans animals also need water and it is one of the main essentials. Water helps the cattle to produce milk and help the body parts to function normally. The cattle milk contains up to 87 percent of water and so water must be given to the cattle. Without water, no milk production. When the cow cannot drink, she will eat less, get skinny and produce less milk. Each cow should have unlimited access to fresh water, the whole day. The cattle drink up to 200 liters of water every day and it helps them in the production of milk.

Summing up
From the meaning of a premix for cattle to the important nutritional ingredients that are needed in a cattle premix you now have everything you need to know about cattle premix.

Our nutritional and technical team will be pleased to advice you with this.