Improving the quality and reducing the costs of feed are key to a more profitable farming operation. is the route towards instant optimal mixing instructions.

The Right Balance of Nutrients Ensures Healthy and Productive Chickens helps your company to make cost-effective feed. This is the only tool that takes your available raw materials and prices into account. 

Guaranteeing an optimal mix for the lowest possible cost. When prices fluctuate or raw materials are no longer available, simply check with to find out your new optimal mixing instruction. 

How to use

Go to and login. 

STEP 1: Animal Type

Select your type of animal to get started!

STEP 2: Ingredients

Select the ingredients that are available in your region. Calculating with more ingredients will improve the recipe. 

STEP 3: Prices

Provide the prices. It is important to use one single measurement unit. 


This generates your mixing instruction. Choose your own feed level based on costing and performance. 

The Key Benefits of Using

Cost-effective feed

Instant calculations

Easily download or share recipe

Optimal Mixing Instructions Instantly and FREE