Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Better future

Champrix contributes to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by the United Nations. Our solutions are carefully compiled with the best additives that fit the needs of the farmer. Our feed ensures a better Feed Conversion Rate meaning that less feed is needed for optimal growth and performance. Hence the farmer saves a lot of money which could be reinvested in his enterprise to acquire a larger production volume which improves the local economy as well.

In addition to a surplus on equity, using quality ingredients contributes to minimizing our material footprint and sustainable footprint as less raw materials are distributed. Besides our measures for sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources, we provide training and books explaining that feed management has great importance. With an adequate balance of vitamins, minerals, and additives almost nothing of the nutrients go to waste and will be used by the animal for better performance.

Furthermore, the use of our ingredients prevents food waste as local farmers buy local ingredients and add our formula to finalize the feed. Our partners only buy products that are not available in the country’s markets. Since our partners are located throughout the world, we learn from each other. We provide our partners and other stakeholders with training and events to ensure they know all ins and outs about the products. We make sure that we maintain friendly contact since we prefer a good and long-term relationship.